We invite you to come and explore your own Himalayan Trails!

We invite you to come and explore your own Himalayan Trails! The Himalayan Range... Nepal, Sikkim, Bhutan, Tibet, India! The names echo with mystery and the thrill of exploration!

Intrepid adventurers into this region have, over the centuries, been rewarded by stunning scenery, diverse cultures and environments and have been humbled by the generous hospitality. They inspire us to dream of adventure, to come and see for ourselves these incredible lands, meet the people, eat the food, tread the trails and build incredible memories of our own adventures.

Whether you are into high adventure and physical challenges, or prefer to take your time to explore subtle elements of landscape and culture, this region is a treasure trove! We can take you trekking, mountain biking, on a cycle tour, touring on a classic motorbike, paragliding, rafting, canoeing, on wildlife safari and bird watching, learning about art, religion, food and culture. Whatever your style and preferred pace, it’s all here to design your own combination of experiences!

We will help you plan, design and enjoy the travel experience you have been dreaming of, so you can simply immerse yourself in exploring the Himalayan Trails of your choice, your way.